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Owner and Yogi

Whitney Roginski, a forever student, is a  200hr Integrated Yoga Instructor and has been a student of yoga for 20 years. She is currently working on her 500hr certification. In class she weaves breath work, meditation, mudras and unique movements so no class is ever the same. She embraces the underlying idea of honoring each students individual and ever changing needs while inspiring their personal power and growth. Whitney is sweet and nurturing and here to help you reach your full potential.


Yoga Teacher

Katie’s life changed when she fell in love with yoga in 2016. Katie believes that yoga is a pathway to authentic connection and an avenue for individuals to slow down and appreciate their position within this world. Katie balances intensity and intentionality with a sense of playfulness in her classes. Katie’s classes are for all skill levels and would be honored to share her ever evolving practice with you. 



Yoga Teacher

For over 25 years Kelsey Stevens has been studying and sharing ancient Yogic teachings and Numerology in practical ways that have applied to her life. She has developed a teaching style that is marked by humor, personal experience and scholarly research. Her classes and sessions are available for anyone from beginners to advance practitioners to enjoy.


Yoga Teacher

Rachel Anne Watkins is an intuitive and Holistic Health Guide, Tao Hands Practitioner, Tarot Reader, and Yoga Instructor.


Public school teacher turned intuitive and holistic health guide, Rachel has not only positively shifted the trajectory of her life but her client’s lives as well. Rachel received her Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education in 2005. She used that to teach in public schools for over 15 years. Recently she graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition out of New York City which granted her her health coaching certificate. 

Rachel uses the knowledge and experiences gained over the past decade to help her clients develop consistent habits and behaviors that restore health and harmony within their bodies, mind, and spirit in order for them to discover their mission and purpose in life. Her very unique and all-encompassing modality and process align clients to live their rich, authentically aligned, wholesome lives. Receive a special Tao Healing Hands Blessing in every class.

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T'ai Chi, Qigong and Gong Fu Teacher


Jason Kannon is a retired World Cup Snowboarder and current Olympic level trainer. He holds advanced certifications from the Chek Institute, the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine and the Full Circle School of Massage Therapy. He is a thirty year student of Master Robert Cook and has been continuously involved in both martial and healing arts training since 1977. 


Yoga Teacher


Jennifer is passionate about looking at the body as a whole to identify any imbalance and distinguish how yoga can help you live a healthier and happier life. By listening to our body and establishing a connection with your energy and intuition you can learn to move mindfully and build strength, endurance and flexibility to help you on your journey to achieve greater health.

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