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Owner and Yogi

Whitney Roginski, a forever student, is a  200hr Integrated Yoga Instructor and has been a student of yoga for 20 years. She is currently working on her 500hr certification. In class she weaves breath work, meditation, mudras and unique movements so no class is ever the same. She embraces the underlying idea of honoring each students individual and ever changing needs while inspiring their personal power and growth. Whitney is sweet and nurturing and here to help you reach your full potential.



Yoga Teacher

Katie’s life changed when she fell in love with yoga.  Through yoga, Katie finds awe and connection both within her own being and to the world around her. Katie has her 500-hour certification and has been teaching since 2018. She balances intensity and intentionality with a sense of playfulness in her classes. Katie’s classes are for all skill levels and would be honored to share her ever-evolving practice with you.

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Yoga Teacher

For over 25 years Kelsey Stevens has been studying and sharing ancient Yogic teachings and Numerology in practical ways that have applied to her life. She has developed a teaching style that is marked by humor, personal experience and scholarly research. Her classes and sessions are available for anyone from beginners to advance practitioners to enjoy.

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Yoga Teacher


Jeremy recently moved to the Roaring Fork Valley from Vail in the winter of 2022. He is a yogi, skier, hiker, paddle boarder, and outdoor enthusiast. He found yoga while teaching behavioral psychology/neuroscience and quickly fell in love. During that time, what began as an hour a week hobby quickly grew into a daily necessity. His classes focus on linking breath (pranayama) with movement (asanas) while gaining a deeper control of the senses (pratyahara). Combining these principles along with aligning our inner concentration (dharana), together we create a state of samyama. In his class, you'll find a safe space to flow, ground, culture and grow your inner light, truth, and purpose through empowering energy and community connection. 

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Yoga Teacher


Jennifer is passionate about looking at the body as a whole to identify any imbalance and distinguish how yoga can help you live a healthier and happier life. By listening to our body and establishing a connection with your energy and intuition you can learn to move mindfully and build strength, endurance and flexibility to help you on your journey to achieve greater health.

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Yoga Teacher


Sam started practicing yoga at the age of 15 when she started tagging along with her mother when she went to classes. During the pandemic, while living in Chicago, Sam dealt with stress and anxiety which pushed her to dive deeper into her yoga practice by starting a yoga teacher training program. Sam's personal practice and her teaching revolve around working to build an awareness of the emotional body and the nervous system in to strengthen the capacity for regulating and healing our bodies and nervous systems. Sam's classes are for all skill levels, all bodies, and anyone looking to connect with themselves through curiosity and care. 

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Yoga Teacher


Dana has been practicing Vinyasa, Hatha, and Power yoga for over 15 years and has been teaching since 2017. She became a 200 RYT through Yoga Alliance in July 2019 while studying tantra, hatha, and vinyasa through the Aumkar Yoga School in Cuso, Peru. She also completed The Heart of a Warrior 200 hour teaching training at Mistyoga in 2020 in Rifle, CO. Her classes focus on form, alignment, pranayama, asanas, and meditation, giving every student a complete yoga experience. She uses several props, making classes accessible for all levels. Dana has a great passion for empowering others to experience the clarity, light, and love that is yoga. 

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